API Platform Team Services

Harvard's API Platform Team is here to assist you at any point in your API journey, whether you're just getting started or if you're an advanced API developer or API consumer.

Our services are as follows, and are free to the Harvard Community.

API Training and Consulting Services

We offer a portfolio of orientations, trainings, use-case analysis, and assistance with developing end-to-end, proof-of-concept APIs, API proxies, API specs, and API products.  We offer training and consulting on how to take advantage of the API Platform/Gateway, the API Portal, OpenAPI specs, reverse proxies, Postman, Oracle REST Data Services, developing back-end APIs using Python/Flask/Django, and other API patterns and tools.

API Gateway Services

For API producers, we provide a suite of tools and space to produce secure, performant, easy-to-manage and easy-to-monitor API products and proxies.  Our gateway services include isolated tenant space for you and your team, and add-on tools to help manage your API products and proxies, such as migration tools, approval workflows, and more.

API Portal Services

For API producers and for the general Harvard developer community (ie, API consumers), we provide an API portal service.  This consists of a single portal for all Harvard APIs which are managed using the API platform, plus the consulting and services you need to publish information about your API products.  The API portal is a website where developers can find getting-started information; discover APIs; view the API catalog; find API documentation; register their apps; and request access to APIs.